The Books

Dream FIRST, founded by members of FIRST Robotics Team 178, began its mission to inspire young children to have an interest in science and technology through the publication of its first book, Meet Gizmo: The Start of a Journey. Since then, another book has been written and the program has greatly expanded. Read more about Dream FIRST at our about page.

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What happens when you mix two kids, a robot in a red shed, and a cat? Siblings Euki and Oliver have always known about the red shed by the woods, but never have been inside. When by chance they meet a mysterious robot named Gizmo there, they begin an adventure, finding a passion and helping each other. Follow Gizmo, Oliver, Euki, and Ming as they learn new things and have fun!

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Euki, Oliver, Gizmo, and the Enforcers help rebuild an old playground in their neighborhood. There, they discover the uses of simple machines to make helping people easier. But when Gizmo overworks himself helping Oliver, the kids and the Robotics team members must figure out how to help! Learn about programming and simple machines with Euki, Oliver, and Gizmo! Did you try the scavenger hunt at the end of the book?

Stay tuned for more books in the Dream FIRST series!

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