Dream FIRST events are run similar to a science fair. We visit a variety of locations, including elementary schools, and aim to inspire kids through a process of exploration and discovery.

Dream FIRST stations are designed for kids to become interested in fields of science and technology. The Dream FIRST motto, “Dream, Explore, Aspire” represents the basis of our experiments. While we have a wide repertoire of activities for kids and their parents to participate in, not every event is the same. Here are some examples of stations we have used:

Dream - Imagination is the key to innovation. We use these events to capture the interest of children and inspire them to explore science and technology.

Reading Corner - Kids read the Dream FIRST books, about the adventures of a robot named Gizmo and his two friends, Euki and Oliver. Big Book - After reading the book, kids can get their picture taken with Gizmo. Coloring and Puzzles - Kids can color in a coloring book and put together puzzles. Face Painting - Kids can get their face painted.

Explore - Curiosity and the drive to learn and explore are key. We use the process of discovery to teach kids various concepts.

Pulley - Learn how pulleys help lift heavy objects. Ramp - Learn how ramps help lower the amount of force needed to move an object up. Compass - Make a homemade compass and learn why they always point northward. Balloon - Learn how thrust can propel a balloon forward. Legos - Use legos to build various simple machines. VEX - Drive small VEX robots

Aspire - We aim to inspire kids to pursue their dreams in science and technology.

Big Bot - Learn how to drive the big robot and earn your “Robot Driver’s Licence” CAD - Learn how to use the Computer Aided Design program, Autodesk Inventor

If you would like to see an event like this in your area, contact us!