Dream - Imagination is the key to innovation. We use these events to capture the interest of children and inspire them to explore science and technology.

Reading Corner - Kids read the Dream FIRST books, about the adventures of a robot named Gizmo and his two friends, Euki and Oliver. Big Book - After reading the book, kids can get their picture taken with Gizmo. Coloring and Puzzles - Kids can color in a coloring book and put together puzzles. Face Painting - Kids can get their face painted.

Explore - Curiosity and the drive to learn and explore are key. We use the process of discovery to teach kids various concepts.

Pulley - Learn how pulleys help lift heavy objects. Ramp - Learn how ramps help lower the amount of force needed to move an object up. Compass - Make a homemade compass and learn why they always point northward. Balloon - Learn how thrust can propel a balloon forward. Legos - Use legos to build various simple machines. VEX - Drive small VEX robots

Aspire - We aim to inspire kids to pursue their dreams in science and technology.

Big Bot - Learn how to drive the big robot and earn your “Robot Driver’s Licence” CAD - Learn how to use the Computer Aided Design program, Autodesk Inventor

If you would like to see an event like this in your area, contact us!